Congratulations on your anticipated graduation. 

The commencement ceremony to which you have been assigned is scheduled for 10:30 AM.

Important: Changes will not be made to your scheduled commencement ceremony time. 

Note: Each graduate will be allowed to bring up to five (5) guests to the ceremony. 


  • Your regalia can be picked up at your PHSC College Bookstore. 

  • There will be up to 200 students per session. 

  • If there is an overflow of guests, they will be sent to the Performing Arts Center first and then our Conference Center, where they will be able to view the graduation on a projector. 

  • We urge all guests to come at the same time to avoid seating issues. 

  • If your guests should have any mobility difficulties, contact Ms. Darcy McDowell regarding accommodations at (727) 816-3240.

  • Dress Code: 

    • Graduates and guests should dress appropriately for this time-honored tradition. 

      • With the graduation gown, we recommend business dress for all graduates. Dark colored pants, skirts, and dresses are appropriate. Men should wear collared shirts. 

      • Please be considerate in choosing footwear, as some walking will be required. 

      • Inappropriate Items: 

        • Jeans

        • Shorts

        • Flip-flops

        • Tennis Shoes/Sneakers

        • T-shirts/ Tank Tops

  • Honor's Cord: 

    • Students who have maintained a cumulative grade point average of a 3.50 or higher during the previous semester (Spring/Summer) will receive an honor's cord when they pick up their cap and gown if participating in the commencement ceremony. 

      • Students who achieve a 3.50 or higher grade point average after grades have been posted, an "Honor's" designation will be printed on their final official transcript and on their diploma. 

  • Parking: 

    • Students and their guests can park in any available, non-handicapped or reserved parking space. Please keep the handicapped and reserved parking spaces for those who need it. 

  • Security: 

    • Facilities and Security Personnel will be monitoring the front and side doors to maintain order and promote safety before, during and after the ceremony. 

  • Webcast

    • For family members and friends of our graduates who are unable to attend the ceremony, a live broadcast of commencement can be found on the PHSC YouTube channel.