Collegiate High School

Public school students in eleventh and twelfth grades who reside in either Pasco County or Hernando County may be eligible for the PHSC Collegiate High School (CHS) Program. Public high school students enrolled in the PHSC Collegiate High School Program are eligible to successfully earn their high school diploma while completing 30 or more hours towards an associate in arts or associate in science degree and, if they choose, earn Career and Professional Education (CAPE) industry certifications.

Students participating in the PHSC Collegiate High School Program must meet with/consult their school counselor each semester prior to registering for classes. The school counselor will insure that students are meeting high school graduation requirements.

Each semester, in order to register for classes, CHS students will complete a Collegiate High School Student Performance Contract with the required signatures and the list of courses approved by the school counselor. Students will register with a PHSC academic advisor based on the number of credit hours earned/enrolled in according to the PHSC Academic Calendar.

Note: Students can make an appointment with an academic advisor by logging in to Navigate on the homepage in their Canvas account.

Students interested in participating in the PHSC Collegiate High School Program should consult their public school counselor for additional academic qualifications for participation and deadlines regarding the application process.