To graduate, students should first review their degree audit in WISE to be sure they have met the requirements to complete their applicable degree or certificate. These requirements may include: 

  • Two (2) years of a foreign language 
    • This can be completed in high school or in a regionally accredited college
  • Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)
  • Courses included in the applicable program requirements

For questions regarding the requirements to receive the applicable certificate or complete the applicable degree, please contact an Academic Advisor. 

Honors Cord:

Any student graduating with AA, AS, AAS, or BS degrees and a cumulative (i.e., includes transfer hours) grade point average of 3.5 or above in all college-credit courses shall be graduated with honors. 

Qualified students will receive the following:

  • Honors graduate designation printed on a degree 
  • Honors cord to wear for the commencement ceremony