New to PHSC, but Not to College?

You are considered a transfer student if you attended another college or university and want to attend PHSC. To become a PHSC student, you are required to submit official transcripts from your high school  and every regionally accredited college that you've attended

Provide your complete educational history to:

  • Receive credit for your previous work
  • Students are required to submit both high school and college official transcripts in order to qualify for financial aid and to complete their program
  • Simplify the registration process

Speak with an Academic Advisor for more information on limited-access programs. Some programs may require receipt of all official transcripts for program admission regardless of accreditation type.

You can also earn academic credit through your experience in the military, industry certifications, exam scores, high school programs and more.

Steps to Apply

  1. Submit an online application*
  2. Establish residency
  3. Submit transcripts
  4. Apply for financial aid
  5. Complete college placement testing
  6. Schedule a New Student Orientation
  7. Visit an academic advisor

*Students are encouraged to download the PHSC mobile and Navigate apps at the time of application submission. These apps will assist students in locating necessary college information, including providing the ability to schedule advising appointments.a

Apply to PHSC through WISE

Need help with establishing residency?