Dual Enrollment for Home School Students

Home-schooled students have the exciting opportunity of taking advantage of Dual Enrollment to earn college credit and credit towards their high school graduation simultaneously. To do so, each home school must have an individual PHSC Articulation Agreement approved before students apply to the college or register for classes.

Articulation Agreement

What is an Articulation Agreement?

The Articulation Agreement follows the policies of the State and is a contract that outlines the expectations and specific responsibilities of the two institutions (home school and college). Students must initially qualify for Dual Enrollment by having an unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 or above.

Important note: The Articulation Agreement Process must be repeated each year that the home school wishes to enroll students in PHSC’s dual enrollment program. It will be the home school’s responsibility to submit the required Articulation Agreement documents to PHSC by May 30 of each year. The updated Articulation Agreement can be found on the website in mid-April each year. Additionally, home schools must provide certification that their curriculum meets State of Florida standards.

Articulation Agreement Process

Step 1: Articulation Agreement Process (completed annually)

Submit the following items as part of the Home School Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement application for each student:

  1. Complete, date and sign both the Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement and Information Forms for Home School. By signing this Articulation Agreement, the non-public/home is certifying that the school is in compliance with Florida Statutes 1002.01 and 1002.42.
  2. The Dual Enrollment Home School Grade Level Certification form.
  3. Written verification of each student’s enrollment in a home education program in the Pasco or Hernando County school district. This information is available by contacting the Home Education office of the county school district:

All requested information should be submitted together. The most efficient method to submit materials is to email them to Academic Affairs. However, they may also be faxed to 727-816-3300, or mailed to: Director of Dual Enrollment, Pasco-Hernando State College, 10230 Ridge Road, New Port Richey, FL  34654

After completing and returning the Articulation Agreement, the agreement must be approved and signed by PHSC’s District Board of Trustees before a term begins in order for students to be eligible to enroll in classes. Once approved, a signed copy of the Articulation Agreement will be emailed to the home school or non-public/private school. 

The Articulation Agreement will be in effect from the date signed by PHSC through the end of that academic year’s summer term in accordance with the dates published in the current College Catalog and Student Handbook.

Please contact Academic Affairs if you have any questions regarding the articulation process at academicaffairs@phsc.edu.

Step 2: Complete the Application to Apply to the College

When the email with the signed copy of the approved Articulation Agreement has been received, new dual enrollment students can complete the Dual Enrollment Application.  Continuing dual enrollment students do not need to reapply.

To apply, submit the following to Admissions in person at any PHSC campus or email to: admissions@phsc.edu

  • Dual Enrollment Home/Private School Application for Admission
  • A photo ID

When the application is processed, you will be assigned a PHSC student ID number.

Step 3: Before Registering for Classes
  • Take the PERT placement test. (Or you can submit SAT or ACT scores that are less than 2 years old to the Admissions office.) To schedule a PERT test, visit PHSC Testing Services to schedule a test. The PERT consists of three sections: Reading, Writing, and Math. You are allowed a maximum of two attempts at taking the PERT.  The test scores will determine which classes you are eligible to take. You must score at college level in Reading and Writing in order to participate in Dual Enrollment.
  • Complete two brief online classes through your student portal:
    • Dual Enrollment Student Orientation/Introduction
    • Online Readiness Course
Step 4: Register for Classes
  • Class registration takes place beginning on specific dates and times for each semester, based on student grade level. Those dates can be found in the Academic/College Calendar. For information on the registration process contact the Advising office.
  • Visit the Advising webpage for information on academic advising meetings.
  • Complete the Dual Enrollment Registration Permission Form listing requested classes and signed by the High School Authorized signer, parent and student to provide during your advising appointment, along with a photo ID.

Registration notes for specific grade levels:

  • Sixth grade through ninth grade students who are eligible to take dual enrollment courses may enroll in a maximum of three (3) credit hours of courses offered online only by PHSC per semester. Students may take classes in any term available.
  • Tenth grade students who are eligible to take dual enrollment classes may enroll in up to seven (7) hours offered on any PHSC campus, or online, per semester. Students may take classes in any term available.
  • Eleventh grade students who are eligible to take dual enrollment courses can take courses on any PHSC campus or online, but may take no more than a maximum of sixteen (16) credits hours in fall and spring semesters and eight (8) credit hours in summer semester. Students may take classes in any term available.
  • Twelfth grade students who are eligible to take dual enrollment courses can take courses on any PHSC campus or online, but may take no more than a maximum of sixteen (16) credits hours in fall and spring semesters and eight (8) credit hours in summer semester. Students may take classes in any term available in fall and spring semesters, but only classes in Term III or IIIA in the summer semester.

Other registration notes:

  • Students must meet the stated prerequisite(s) and/or corequisite(s) for each course.
  • Students will be permitted one attempt per dual enrollment course. A withdrawal from a dual enrollment course will count as an attempt at a course.
  • Dual enrollment students will NOT be permitted to audit any dual enrollment course.
  • A copy of the current Florida Department of Education Articulation Coordinating Committee Statewide Agreement for Dual Enrollment Courses - High School Equivalency List is available at the Florida Department of Education website.
  • Once you are registered for classes you may visit the college library to get your PHSC Student ID Card, which you will need to get your text books from the college book store.
  • Final grades each semester can be found in your student account.

Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement Deadlines

The deadline for submission of home school dual enrollment articulation agreements are as follows:

Term Deadline Date
Fall 2023 (2024-1), August 2023 - 15-week classes

May 31, 2023 (priority submission date for new students)

June 30, 2023 (final deadline)

Fall 2023 (2024-1B), October 2023 - 7.5-week classes August 31, 2023
Spring 2024-2, January 2023 - 15-week classes October 30, 2023
Spring 2022-2B, March 2023 - 7.5-week classes January 31, 2024
Summer 2023-3, May 2023 - 10-week and 6-week classes April 5, 2024

How to Obtain Text Books

The College Store Website will only allow for the financial aid feature for purchasing (which include Home School Dual Enrollment) to become available on the same day as the other Financial Aid, such as Pell. Students may obtain their textbooks at the college bookstore on any campus using their PHSC student ID numbers.